“No matter your social status or how powerful you feel you are, we are all equal. We came here by birth and leave by death” -Anonymous

Feminism is defined as the belief in the political, economic and social equality of the sexes. Some people act or think that feminism is women wanting to be better than men, but it’s not. We just want to be equal.

Everyday women face inequalities that make us feel as if we aren’t good enough, but its time that not only men feel good enough to face the world, but women do as well.

Many men and some women feel as if the feminists of the world are trying to belittle men and gain power over them. When in fact Feminism in NO situation supports sexism against each gender.

Feminism strictly works towards equality. Not female superiority!

On January, 21st of this year women and men all over the country gathered in marches. The purpose of these marches were not to be dramatic about the situation but to strictly have their voices heard towards their concerns of the inequalities of men and women.

Some may think marching isn’t gonna change anything, but if it weren’t for the men and women who gathered to march for what they believe in then the wouldn’t be able to say that we had more people walking the streets attempting to change society than we had welcoming our new President at the 2017 inauguration.

Not all Women are feminists and not all men are feminists, but if everyone was a feminist they there would be no such thing as inequality between the sexes. I strongly believe the world would be a better place for men and women.

Picture Provided by CNN.com


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  1. Strong tone in this story. You do a nice job of keeping the topic balanced, yet getting your opinion out through the inclusion of various initiatives for equality that have taken place recently in our society. You have done a nice job with the organization of this piece in journalistic format.

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