As the year is winding down this is just a reminder that Friday February 3rd is the last day for Seniors to turn in the photo for the year book. Not turning photos in is not a option, it is a requirement, and Ms. Dake will ensure that you get it turned in one way or another. Another reminder if you want a Senior quote to go with the photo that is due this Friday as well, however the quote is not a requirement, just the photo.

Requirements for the photo are as followed;

  • Vertical photo
  • Senior only (no props, animals, or other people)
  • Head/Shoulders or Waist Up shot of the senior
  • Must be either submitted either as a wallet-sized print or electronically on a CD burned at high resolution or emailed at high resolution

Requirements for the quote are as followed;

  • No inappropriate language of any kind, if encountered it won’t be put in the yearbook and you won’t be able to resubmit.
  • Only submit one quote.
  • Needs to be under 20 words.
  • Quotes won’t be accepted after the  Friday March 3, 2017 .



Photo Credit: JSerra high school web sight.


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