During these past several weeks at Prairie High School there has been a collection of controversy with allowing outside food into the school. Half of the PHS staff allows food in their classrooms and don’t think twice when they see a student who has it with them in the hallway. On the other hand, there are teachers in the building that don’t hesitate to turn students into administration and proceed to inform the students of the rules. I think as a student, this is annoying to my fellow peers and I as well as to the teachers. The school as a whole needs to get on board with an arrangement on outside food in school so students and teachers aren’t focusing their attention on such an unimportant thing instead of education. As a school we need to provide consistency  to the students and to the staff. 

Photo By: Fortune


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  1. Important topic to consider and great use of opinion freedoms in press writing. You present aspects of the policy for students and staff to take into consideration. Nice work.

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