At Prairie High each student, if signed off by his or her parents, gets a MacBook Air to help with the learning, but realistically how are these laptops being used? Especially at home do students honestly do homework or do they allow themselves to get distracted with social media?

Various students have said that they spend much more time on social media rather then doing schoolwork. Prairie students can get on Facebook, instagram, twitter, and many other platforms through out the day that are not blocked, even on school grounds. With this, students are getting distracted in class and while at home doing homework, or attempting to at least.

The same students have also said that the school should not limit the computers any more then they already are because even though it is creating a distraction it is giving the students something to do. On the other hand some people disagree and think that the laptops should be monitored because they are in fact the schools laptops and it is the schools right to watch what students are doing and what sights they are going on when they are supposed to be doing homework or studying.

The act of the school being stricter with the laptops may not go well with some students, however the laptops weren’t provided for students to surf the web but rather to utilize it for school material. However if the school was going to restrict the laptops more, as a source that prefers to remain anonymous stated; “Nothing, there isn’t anything they can do because kids are going to do what they want or find a way around it.”

When asking the students if they thought the laptops were beneficial to the students Adrianna Carte; “I think it would be more beneficial for students more at home then in school, this way they can do homework at home if it is on a computer.” This is nodding towards the fact that with the laptops we now have access to Google Classroom, an online source that now allows students to be connected even when outside the classroom, as well as the ability to email our teachers if we have questions concerning class or homework. That is if the student has Wi-Fi connection at home.
However should we, as near adults, be the ones that are watching what we do and where we go on our own? Perhaps Prairie has left some places unblocked to attempt to teach us the best lesson that they have taught here, time management and the ability or inability to avoid temptations of social media. With technology quickly growing in importance in everyday lives of every American, perhaps this is something that we didn’t think that we would have to worry about but our school has thought of it for us.

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