The motivational speaker who came to prairie high school was Kyle Scheele. According to his website when he’s not on a plane or on a stage, he’s at home in Springfield, Missouri. Where he lives with his wife, Lindsay, their son, Wesley, and their two daughters, Lucy and Wendy.

When Kyle was asked how he got into professional speaking he said “Back in high school, I was the Student Council Assemblies Chair – and later the Student Body President – so I was always leading assemblies and giving announcements and that sort of thing. During college and afterwards, I continued to get offers to speak at various events here and there, and I always loved it. Eventually I decided to take the plunge and do it for a living.”

When he was asked what kind of stuff do you talk about, he said “I always tell people it’s funny that I became a motivational speaker, because I wasn’t a big fan of the speakers that came to my school. They’d come in and say “Don’t do drugs! Don’t drink! Don’t smoke!”

That’s all good advice, but I already wasn’t doing any of those things. And when it came to advice about what TO do, they didn’t have any.

When I became a speaker, I decided to take the opposite approach. Instead of focusing on all the things NOT to do, I talk to students about the fact that our lives are defined by the things we DO: the actions we take, the people we help, and the lives that we change. I challenge students to think about the things they can do NOW to start living an incredible, world-changing story.”

When he was asked who are your biggest influences, he said “Man, there are so many. My family has always been a huge support system for me. My wife is amazing, my mom and dad are incredible people, and my brothers aren’t too bad.

My pastor and youth pastor both believed in me when I was just a punk kid, and that really inspired a lot of confidence in me. My old boss, Chris Lewis, who showed me how to be gracious when there’s nothing in it for you. This list could go on forever.”(


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  1. Nice recap on this speaker and the main points of his presentation. You provide a detailed overview of his message and allow readers to get the message through your story if they were unable to attend.

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