By Kyler Schutzman


When people think of musicians and where they come from, big name cities such as Los Angeles or Chicago come to mind. Nobody would suspect that there would be rising artists in the cities around Iowa. There are artists on the rise from Cedar Rapids, Marion, Cedar Falls and even Dubuque and Des Moines.


Many of the local musicians from these cities have already released one or two EP’s with 5 or more songs, and are performing all over the state. Some of the artists have even shot music videos and have different choices regarding shirts to sell to the fans.


It is given that not everyone is into the type of music that some of these artists are playing, but don’t be afraid to keep an open mind to listen to new music. From personal experience the musicians from Iowa are some of the nicest and most talented people I have ever met.


If you haven’t taken a chance to check out local musicians, here are a few names to get the journey started: Hunter Dumped Us Here, Halfloves, Far From Fearless, Varuna, Manhattan Blockade, Wenslow, avoid., Blackhilt, Know The Ropes, Central Ave, Kayak Jones, Underdog Story, Main State, Revenant, and many many more.


An obvious appeal would be ticketing price. People spend a range of $50-$200 to see some of their favorite artists, but local shows are a range of nothing to $20. And you can always ask them for help on anything.


If interested, there is a local show on February 18th at Growndswell in Cedar Rapids. This lineup has names such as Treason 319, Royal Flush, Central Ave, Arias, Varuna and Blackhilt.


This event will be called the 319 FUNd fest and will act as a fundraiser showcase for these locals. Don’t be afraid to come and support these guys and have a good time with some local Iowans.


Photo Credit: Drew Wood Photography



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