Eastern Iowa is full of great basketball rivalries, fueled by heated history and incredible talent. Prairie’s schedule is busting at the seams with matchups that are guaranteed to be classics, full of electricity and anticipation. One game that seems to be one of the most personal for the Hawks every year, is the game against Xavier.

This is due to one player in particular, a star who was looking to be the future of Prairie Basketball, before transferring to Xavier in the 8th grade. Despite the Prairie student section raining down boos on Mims every time he touched the ball, he finished with 28 points on Friday against the Hawks.

It wasn’t enough to fight off an eight point fourth quarter comeback by Prairie however, and Mims went home Friday night sitting at 2-6, just like the rest of his teammates.

A prairie comeback is nothing new this season, and with every steal of a win the team of sharpshooters becomes more and more confident.

“We’ve been in that position before. We’ve been down a lot,” Prairie’s Jake Eilers 17’ told the Gazette after the game. “We weren’t in the position we wanted, but we knew we could get back to that position.”

Eilers felt no pressure as he dropped a 3 to tie the game with 5:08 left, and 2 more to seal the win. He finished with 15 points, second on the team to Max Drahos 17’, who finished with 21. The final score was 62-54. The Hawks shot 50 percent from beyond the arc, continuing to show that when they are on, they can’t be stopped.

At 6-3, Prairie travels to a towering Dubuque Senior team, hoping to build on their resume of impressive wins.

(Photo By Gazette)



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