The Samsung Note 7 release was hot, too hot in fact. Days after the release, reports of the phone “overheating” started coming into Samsung. Notably John Barwick who awoke to his phone in flames on his table next to his bed.


Barkwick reported that the fire caused $9000 in damage due to his bed and furniture catching flames. Barwick also said when he tried to contact Samsung he waited on the phone for 45 minutes and they told him he would receive a call back within 24 hours. However the call never came.


Barwicks was not the only consumer to have this issue. Thousands of reports came into Samsung, all of the reports having to do with the battery. The new battery that was introduced to the phone would become to hot and melt the phones.


After Samsung reportable “fixed” the battery issue, they continued selling the phone until October 13th and they announced that all the phones are to be recalled and they highly recommend refunding the phone or trading the phone in for another Samsung product.


Samsung took one of the biggest hits financially that it has ever taken since the company was created. The failed launch reportedly cost Samsung 3 billions dollars in loss.


The company announced that they are going to discontinue the product and will not try to fix the battery issue a second time. Samsung recommends that anyone with the phone should trade it in for a new Samsung phone.


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