By Stuart Boston

The presidential race is getting out of hand. Senator Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are both not really good candidates for being president. All of the commotion, including all the dumb commercials of both candidates being roasted is getting very annoying. This stuff is important, but if it’s really that important, maybe America could have found someone better than a loud mouth (Donald Trump) or a corrupt liar (Hillary Clinton).

America really messed up by leaving the country in the hands of one of these two people.

Now Hillary Clinton has more experience than Trump, which is important. However, she is responsible for the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi. She also lied to everyone about her emails, and deleted them. I don’t think she can be trusted to lead our country, and she is very power hungry.

Then there’s Donald Trump. This guy literally made fun of a mentally challenged guy on national television. Who does that? Trump has no filter and says very inappropriate things that just shouldn’t be said. He also wanted to build a wall to keep out Mexicans, and wanted Mexico to pay for it. Of course Mexico won’t pay for that, and this is just an example of his poor foreign relations ideas. However, he isn’t power hungry like Senator Clinton because he already is a successful businessman.

The way the debates are going there is no winner, and it’s a lose-lose situation. If we choose Senator Clinton, we can’t trust her because she is corrupt and has been known to lie. If we choose Trump, he will give Americans a very bad image and other countries probably won’t like us very much.

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