By Taylor

Voting for president is coming up very soon, and not a lot of people across the United States and some even around the world strong dislike both of the candidate.

The first candidate is Donald Trump, it’s not a surprise that Mr.Trump is running for president, he is known for getting a lot of attention but most of American does not like the fact he is running for president. Recently at his speeches he continually “ points his finger “ at one certain race- Mexicans, he explains in one speeches that Mexicans come to the U.S with their problems. “ Their bringing drugs, their bringing crime, their rapists.” To be a president, you have to respect each and every one, the u.s is like a big family.

The next candidate is Hillary Clinton, according to Fox News, Clinton has emails for the Clinton Foundation that she deleted, she also was getting professional emails to her personal emails. Clinton is known for sending troops to Iraq when the citizens had nothing to do with is. When Hillary had a protest, one female was fighting for black lives matter and clinton stopped the lay from speaking.

Most americans believe neither of these candidates should become President. When it comes down to it, they both are unfair.


What do you think?

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