By Cameron LaGrange


Hurricane Matthew has hit Atlantic coast of Florida early Friday. The storm is destroying trees, houses, and other structures on the coast. The storm is projected to be affecting over half-million people.


The storm has knocked out the power of some of Florida however it has missed most of the heavily populated areas. Even though the storm has not hit the heavily populated areas, there are still hundred thousands of people with out power.


Meteorologists believe that the conditions will only get worse. Authorities have advised evacuating some of the potential flooding areas and warn that anyone who does not evacuate should be able to survive without power for weeks.


While people are worried about the damage done in Florida, the storm has already been through the Haiti. The death toll is already up to 300 and authorities believe that there are bodies yet to be discovered.


Hurricane Matthew has been the second most deadly hurricane to hit the Atlantic coast in the last decade. Due to the severity of the hurricanes, people are concluding that it is due to global warming.


Scientists fear that the effects of pollution and global warming will only continue to get worse unless people can make a change on how we use energy and manage waste.


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