Substitute teacher arrested for an inappropriate relationship with student


Mary Elizabeth Haglin, 24 years old, was substituting for Washington High School, when she caught herself in an inappropriate relationship with a student.


Haglin was guessed to have first attended the man’s attention in October, 2O15. Administrators supposedly heard about the the illegal affair, but only looked at it, as it is just a childish rumor. Eventually a superintendent named Brad Budt gave a second idea into Haglin’s behavior & properly fired her


Despite the fact that she was charged a danger to students, Haglin was still about to access jobs to be a substitute teacher.


She found two elementary schools & taught until the end of the semester. Haglin was arrested on July 22nd, from an anonymous tipster who report the relationship to police.


Haglin claims her former employer let her teach for months after she was let go, & it did not prevent her from applying to other teaching jobs. The administration of Washington High School considers this a, miscommunication.


Emily Kitner from Washington High School says “ It’s so comfortable to think, she was my teacher, & dating one of my friends. MY AGE, friend! “ She continued, “ It’s embarrassing that people know our school as the school that had an illegal relationship. “


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