By Caitlin Klein

Picturce Credits: KCRG


On September 9th, at Cedar Rapids Jefferson High School, a tragedy took place after a 15 year old boy shot himself behind the school, later passing away under intensive care that night.

Repeatedly we were told that there was no threat to Jefferson High School, and that it was strictly a suicide for unknown reasons, but days later students at the school found a youtube channel with actions to speak otherwise.

To raise suicide awareness, for their homecoming football game both Linn-Mar and Jefferson wore purple for the official color of awareness.

“It was a shock that we were so close to having a devastating event where more than one person could be harmed,” Jefferson student, Brittany Rohert 17’ explained, “It left an uneasy feeling.”

While watching youtube videos uploaded by this particular student, it reached to people as a more serious side note, that the suicide could have been a massacre, but it is not proven.

The videos consist of school shootings, theater shootings, and of columbine, in video game form, where the student is controlling the shooter. There are also real life videos of him walking through Jefferson, allegedly mapping out his route as a potential active shooter.


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