By Cameron LaGrange


Thursday morning storms went through northern Iowa counties. The rain has caused life threating flashing flooding while it continues to rain, no one can predict the total amount of rain that they will receive.


Butler and Floyd County have both accumulated 12” in certain spots. It will run off into the Cedar River. It is uncertain how the Cedar River basin will react to this much water. The last time the Cedar River took this much rain was the 2008 flood that destroyed a huge chunk of downtown Cedar Rapids.


Rain is forecasted to continue through Thursday and Friday. Due to the amount of rain flooding that has already happened and the anticipated rain that, no one knows how much the Cedar River is expected to raise.


Charles city is farther down the Cedar River, so they are expecting flooding from the river. The Charles City police department is providing sandbags for the community. The sandbag efforts are to prevent future damage to the houses and the town.


Currently it is unknown how much flooding the Cedar River will do but people of Cedar Rapids will be prepared. Any help sandbagging or preparing for the flood would be appreciated.


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