Prairie Hawk wrestling has been very dominant lately. Last year they got 7th in the state duals, and had 8 go to state. We lost some important seniors such as Marcus England, Sam Uthoff, Teddy Mehmen, and Tyler Pasker. The wrestling team will still do well because they just got Brent Metcalf as an assistant coach.

Metcalf was a very good wrestler and tried out for the Olympics. He wrestled at Iowa, and was a two-time NCAA champion. Metcalf will help the wrestling team greatly giving them advice that most other coaches have very little information on.

They will also be better fitted with Coach Kane Thompson who was a new coach last year. Coach Thompson was a very good coach and helped a lot of wrestlers develop their skills and reach their top potential. Having eight guys go to state and getting 7th in state duals for your first year of coaching is very impressive, and I can’t wait to see how this year unfolds.

With coaches, Thompson and Metcalf, technique will be everything. Coach Thompson stressed attitude and effort last year, and I do not believe anything will change.   With the addition of Metcalf a possibility is practices may be harder, because next to technique good conditioning will win matches.

When Chase St. John was asked how he felt about Coach Metcalf, he said, “I really like Metcalf and I can’t wait to see what he has to bring” Chase also stated “I am going to work hard and do my best to win state”

When Rhett was asked about Coach Metcalf, he said, “I can tell that he will push us, and will help us fully develop our skills.” Rhett is also excited for the season.

Prairie Hawk wrestling has a lot of high expectations. With the addition of Metcalf, those expectations are very possible.


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