As the classes get bigger the parking lots have been overflowing with cars. This is an issue for most people cause that is forcing them to park in the grass or at different schools.


Last year the graduating class had about 290 students. The new class to replace them has roughly about 400.


If you think about it, assuming that most of them drive, that’s a huge increase of traffic. Not to mention they’re ill experienced and therefor could be very bad drivers.


People think it would be better to park in the grass, but the problem is, if you park in the grass, you get a ticket from the school. This is very unfortunate because, if you can’t find a spot, you should be able to park in the grass because I feel like the school would be more concerned with you learning than where you park, and if they really care that much they should do something to fix it.


Maddi Hansen 19’ said, “There are a lot of bad drivers, the school parking system is not good”


She also stated, “The sophomore parking lot isn’t even that crowded.”

That tells us that some of the sophomores are parking in the Senior and Junior parking lot making it very congested for the rest of us.


That could also tell us that there are just a lot of senior and junior drivers, either way, parking is not fun, and more spots should be added.


The parking lot has been very crowded lately and the school should do something to fix that. It seems like the best solution right now for this problem is to get to school early to just avoid all of the stress of trying to find a parking spot when school starts in three minutes.


What do you think?

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