Cedar Rapids prairie is in the process of renovating and upgrading the district, with that they have upgraded multiple things from a new weight room to new uniforms for the marching band. However the most notable change that they have made is the changes in lunch. Virginia Scott was recently hired as the Director of Nutritional Services. Scott is responsible for getting new lunch items and revamping the old items.


Already this year Scott has made tons of progress in improving school lunch, She has added over five different items that include things such as sweet and sour chicken over rice, Cheesy Chicken and Bacon Flatbread Melts, and Walking Tacos with Doritos. However the most notable so far is the Hawk Dunker, The Hawk Dunker is Cheese bread with Marinara.


When the Hawk Dunkers were first released, students instantly deemed it as a contender for the best lunch item available. That is quite the achievement when items like Nachos and ravioli have dominated the student favorite charts for years.


Not only has Scott made changes in lunch but she has made changes in the vending machines also. The machines are a main source of snacks and food for students who are not interested in breakfast or lunch.


One of the new machines added is a beverage machine. The new machine carries Gatorade 2 and Mountain Dew Kick Start. So far this year the Kick Starts have been a hit. A lot of students will buy one in the morning to give them a boost of energy for their busy schedules ahead.


Along with energy for the rest of the day, is the new look of breakfast. The look of breakfast has been completely remodeled. Instead of the same three items everyday, Items are cycled. Not only are students getting something different everyday, they are getting items like the mini pancakes and French toast sticks that were not previously on the menu.


Overall the changes in lunch are looking positive. Most students are pleased with the changes. Stuart Boston has been a lunch enthusiast ever since he’s been enrolled to the district.


“This years lunch is fantastic and I really enjoy the new Hawk Dunker’s,” said Boston when asked about the changes this year.







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