The nation has been struggling for some time, with both social and economic problems widespread and rampant. There is a leader, with radical ideas that not everyone supports. However, people are so desperate they’ll cling to everything he say’s because he appears strong. He promises to restore the prestige of a once proud nation, and expel those he believes have made his nation weak. Hitler was leader like this, and now we have the Donald.

When the Nazis came to power in Germany during the 30’s, they promised change and won with the belief to make their nation great again. As exposed by the Nuremberg Trials, Hitler and the Nazi’s were to do away with Democratic values and Parliament of the Wiemar Republic. What is perhaps most terrifying is that they won through violent means, and they tried to destroy the so-called “Jewish Problem”.

Donald Trump is inching closer to the most powerful position in the world day by day. He wants to get rid of the “Mexican problem”. He is pinning the blame of Americas woes on a racial group. Not only that, he believes that America’s allies like NATO and Japan are weakening America’s position in the world.

A man who says that more nuclear weapons is a good thing, a man wanting to waste trillions in expelling illegals and a man with wanting to grow closer with Russia is a man that is not only unfit to be President, but unfit to be a patriotic American.


What do you think?

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