So Donald Trump is will be the Republican Nominee, and Hillary Clinton is the presumptive Democratic nominee. Great. These are the two most unfavorable candidates in recent, maybe even long term election history. Many people like to threaten to move to Canada if their candidate doesn’t win. Most Americans feel as though it’s just one quick swap, no big deal. Being one of these prospective movers, I decided what I need to do if Trump wins (and what you may need to do if your own candidate doesn’t win).

1.Are you even able to go?

Canada has a strict immigration system themselves. You may not be able to move to Canada due to a variety of reasons, such as:

  • human or international rights violations
  • criminal record
  • health
  • financial reasons
  • misrepresentation
  • non-compliance with IRPA (Immigration Refugee Protection Act)
  • having an inadmissible family member

2. Nine

That’s how many different types of legal immigration/residency classes Canada recognizes. 8/9 of these are virtually impossible for me and more than likely any of the readers here. And even the 9th one is a bit of a stretch, which is a “Skilled Worker”. I suppose Stovie could move to Canada as a Business Start Up Investor.

3. Complete appropriate application

Even if we get through step two, then there’s the application. You fill out the application that best represents you’re own situation.

4. Pay Application

The application fees can be quite high, especially if you will be requesting entry for a spouse and other dependents as well. For example, the application fee for an Express Entry application for an individual would be $550 Canadian dollars. However, if you are bringing a husband or wife and child as well, then the total application fee would be $1,250 Canadian dollars.

5. Arrival of Visas

At this point, i’m starting to realize i’m not going to be a Canadian for at least another decade. Minimum. The Visas will come in around 6 months, and if you are rejected, it is suggested you reapply only if your own situation changes drastically. The decision cannot be appealed.

Then there is the transition period, which I will not cover as it’s clear not a single person going to PHS is going to be able to immigrate to Canada. Darn it. Unless….


What do you think?

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