EgyptAir officials state that they are finding wreckage of the aircraft, including luggage, aircraft chairs and even human remains floating in the Mediterranean sea. As of know, they have not found any signs of survivors from the flight, which had been traveling from Paris to Cairo before disappearing.

ESA, the European Space Agency (which is the equivalent of NASA), say that a satellite picked up a possible oil slick near where the plane is suspected of crashing. At this time, the current belief is that this could be a terrorist attack, more so than a possible technical failure or a pilot intentionally crashing the plane. Nothing has yet been ruled out by the Egyptian or European governments, and no organization has yet to claim responsibility.

Passengers included 30 Egyptians, 15 French, two Canadians and nine other people. Two children and one infant were among them. No Americans were aboard. This is potentially yet another attack on the French and Egyptian people. Last year France experienced two terrorist attacks where hundreds of people died. Egypt is in it’s own state of chaos to go along with unstable neighbors where terror organizations run rampant.

Flight 804 was cruising at 37,000 feet before it lost contact. The plane “swerved and then plunged” before descending, Greece’s defense minister said.


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