By: Evan Hofland


Human error and high speeds were to blame for the deadly amtrak crash that killed eight people and injured 200 in Philadelphia according to federal officials.

Engineer Brandon Bostian was distracted by other trains dispatch and “may have lost situational awareness of where he was” before the crash, said Stephen Jenner, a National Transportation Safety Board investigator.

The National Transportation Safety Board also agreed that amtrak 188 was not equipped with positive train control device which would have slowed the train down when it had exceeded the speed limit.

Bostain had not realize that he had already made it to Frankford Junction traveling at a speed of 104 mph while the speed limit was 50 mph the feds found.

NTSB had found that there was no evidence that Bostain was on any drugs or alcohol and was not using a cellular device.

Prior to this crash, Bostian had a sterling work record and “no past performance issues,” said Turpin.


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