What was thought to be a burglar trying to break into her home, a Florida woman found something even more terrifying. At 4am, Dyaniqua Lillie found a five-foot long Alligator attempting to break in.

“I’ve never had to deal with something life that before,” she expressed to Fox News.

Florida Fish and Wildlife (FWC) caught the animal. In Florida, any Alligator that is longer than four feet and is deemed to be a nuisance can be killed for it’s meat and leather, a way of paying the person responsible for killing the animal.

Two years ago, 6,706 “nuisance” alligators were killed in Florida alone.

This comes in the same month a 21 year old named Jessie Kingsinger was hospitalized after an alligator bit through his arm after he had jumped into a lake attempting to flee police capture.

It is believed at this time the Alligator will be harvested.


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