By: Evan Hofland


An Ohio Father and Son were arrested Wednesday after allegedly keeping a 13-year-old girl locked in a basement in Toledo.

Court documents said the girl told police she was kept in the dark, handcuffed to a support beam by her ankle, fed spoiled scraps of food, and forced to use a bucket filled with ammonia as her bathroom.

It was not clear how long the unidentified girl had been locked in the basement but believed to had begun when her mom moved out of the house.

“She thinks that her mom may have left in 2012, but she’s not really sure,” Toledo Police Capt. Ron Frederick told NBC News. “We haven’t confirmed that yet.”

The girl managed to escape after getting the keys to the handcuffs when the suspects went out for a jog.

When police arrived at the address she had given, Esten and Timothy Ciboro were loading Timothy’s two younger children into a van, which was packed with possessions, and was carrying a lockbox with a gun.

Robin Reese, executive director of Lucas County Children Services, told reporters all three children from the home are in relatively good physical condition, but Frederick said the girl is “pretty traumatized.” Authorities don’t believe the other two kids were abused or neglected.

The children are now being placed into foster care later added.


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