We all know that memories and past life events are important. But the question really is, is a 15 minute presentation really appropriate? Kids these days are already busy as is with homework, work, some kids are in extra curricular activities such as sports and clubs. I believe that these senior presentations are somewhat important but I believe that they shouldn’t be a graduation requirement.

During your teenage years is when most of your workload is with school and doing work outside of schoolwork, and for the board of education to add another item to graduation requirement that really not even teachers care about is completely absurd. We already have a lot of other things that are already a graduation requirement for us seniors. Even though I already have completed mine, I don’t have anything to worry about but this is for the present of kids that I know will be just as busy as most of our class was this year.

When questioning student Walker Hunt (’16) he states “These things bring me misery, I stayed up almost all night one night thinking about how I was going to even pass high school if I didn’t do this. These things are a piece of [crap].”

Now, I know that memories are important when it comes too finishing school and all but I believe that a presentation for a graduation requirement is not necessary to show how you’ve been doing in recent years.



Written by doubledfoster

I'm White Trash!

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