Chance The Rapper is a Rapper who was born on the southside of Chicago. He started from a low level rapper who looked up at other rappers to now an icon to the south side and now one of the most influential rappers today.


Chance started his career by dropping his 10 day mixtape which consisted of 16 songs. He released this album in 2012. This album put his name out in rap culture and showed people that he was here to stay.


Chance’s 2nd album Acid Rap was a summer hit and skyrocketed his career to stardom. The 13 song mixtape made him a force in the rap game. With this album he was able to make a good name for himself and set himself up for a career full of success.


Chance recently dropped his 3rd mixtape game 3 years after Acid Rap and this long wait was well worth what he created. Chance created a 14 song mixtape with gospel style beats and songs full of quotable lyrics.


Chance uses his platform to express that people should really appreciate what they have and sings about equality and peace. Songs like Blessings and How Great highlight the faith in his life which shapes his music.
Chance The Rapper came up as a young kid from chicago who made songs about skipping school and doing undesirable things. Chance has changed his message for the better and is an inspiration to not only young rappers but for young adults everywhere.


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