Sports take hard work, no matter what. Every sport has different training that requires you to play at your full potential. I have learned through experience that all sports are the same in one way; they all require physical work and mental focus. Although they are all hard, I believe that the three hardest sports are football, wrestling, and swimming.

Swimming is a very difficult sport, and the practices are difficult. I know this because I’ve been apart of a swimming practice and it was not fun. In fact I was sore for a week afterwards, and they practice frequently in season. That’s why I have at number three, although it’s a tough sport, it’s only an in-season sport so it’s not the hardest sport.

Wrestling has the hardest practices. I know this because I’ve been wrestling for three years now, and it never stops amazing me how hard the practices are. The thing that separates wrestling from swimming is you have to cut weight in order to compete at your full potential. I have seen people cut up to 25lbs! That kind of person is not very common. Not to mention that’s probably the person you see training year round for wrestling. That would be the toughest sport. Since that’s not the majority of people doing that though, I am going to say that’s not the hardest sport.

Which brings me to the hardest sport in high school. Football has very hard practices but it doesn’t compare to wrestling, and I would say that even say that swimming practices take more effort. With saying that though, from playing football all my life I’ve learned football takes year round effort, and you can’t take any off weeks. You need to gain a lot of muscle in order to compete. Now you can be uncoordinated and still do well in swimming and wrestling. I guarantee if you are athletic in football, you won’t see the field much.   It also takes a lot of dedication, for instance I can’t remember the last time I’ve slept in past 7.

Football, wrestling, and swimming are the hardest sports for boys in high school. Now this is all based off of my opinion and experience, so feel free to disagree. All I’m saying is I’ve put in the work and I’m just telling what I’ve discovered. All sports take dedication, sacrifice, and hard work, but some take more that others, and that’s just the way I feel.


What do you think?

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