The 2016 NBA playoffs are in full force. 16 teams entered the NBA playoffs after fighting through a difficult season faced with many challenges. The Warriors are the favorite to win the FInals but many teams could put an end to this amazing NBA season.


The Conference Finals

The Western Conference was full of great teams at the beginning of the playoffs. This year 2 teams are playing in the conference finals for a trip to the NBA finals. The Warriors and the Thunder plan to go at each other with full force. With star players on each side this series is shaping up to be one of the best conference finals in recent history.


For the Eastern Conference the Cavaliers have already locked up their spot in the conference finals with a dominating 4 game sweep of the Atlanta Hawks. The Heat and the Raptors are playing to face the Cavs; as the Raptors are currently up 3-2 they seem to be the team who is going to face the Cavs.


The NBA Finals

The Thunder are going to advance to the NBA Finals after defeating the Warriors in game 7. This series is going to be a close one but with the Thunders 2 NBA MVP finalists and a revived defense.


The Cavs will beat the Raptors in 5 games and will advance to the NBA finals. With a barrage of three pointers no defense stands a chance to this offense which is lighting up the basket.
The winner of the NBA finals will be the Cavs as LeBron james will show that he is the ultimate MVP and will prove that he can win multiple championships with Cleveland. This series will be decided in a game 7 and will ultimately be one of the best finals in NBA history


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