It’s widely accepted across America that Lee Harvey Oswald, a former marine and communist sympathizer, was the man who shot JFK. Whereas I’m writing this piece as a “food for thought” kind of thing, and I agree that it was Oswald that killed him, there are still a number of theories that implicate other countries and world leaders.


The most plausible theory is one that involves both Cuba and the former Soviet Union. It’s a doozy, so here goes. After Lee Harvey Oswald was dishonorably discharged from the US army for communist propaganda, he defected to the Soviet Union to find a life he thought of as better. After he defected, Nikita Kruschev contacted his loose ally, Fidel Castro about his arrival. Castro, a fellow communist and the dictator of Cuba, saw Oswald as an opportunity. A disgruntled former marine with sharpshooting skills and a distaste for democracy was the perfect person to help destabilize the US. Castro then got a hold of Oswald and paid him to assassinate JFK. It gets much better, however. Jack Ruby, the man who then killed Oswald post-assassination, was a former mafioso dying of cancer. Mobs and mafias down in Florida have openly admitted to having connections to Cuba through refugees and officials. This means that it is completely possible that Castro contacted Ruby through these mobs and got him to silence Oswald, knowing that Ruby himself would die soon as well.


Another popular conspiracy that doesn’t involve a grassy knoll is that Lyndon B. Johnson, Kennedy’s VP, was unhappy with how he was running the US, and knowing that the Kennedy family was so powerful, couldn’t do anything about it. After finding out about Lee Harvey Oswald’s defection to the Soviet Union he recruited him to kill JFK, knowing it would either implicate Oswald alone, or Cuba.


The final conspiracy is easily the most popular of them all. The grassy knoll theory. This one is pretty simple, but is still very widely recognized, even by the US itself. This theory implicates two shooters in the crime, not just Oswald. For starters, many witnesses stated that they heard four shots, but only three shells were found at Oswald’s sniper nest. Secondly, the shot through the windshield of the car could not have been done by Oswald, as the trajectory did not match up. Finally, a few witnesses on the grassy knoll remarked that they smelled gunpowder not soon after JFK was shot. As a sidenote, the US department that covers assassinations acknowledged that there were two shooters and that at least one shot came from the knoll.


Like I stated before, I’m not a believer in conspiracy theories, but these are fun to read and think about. The scary part is that not only are these supported by millions of people, but also that they are actually believable. So I pose this question… Who really did kill JFK?


What do you think?

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