The legendary rock band Led Zeppelin will go on trial May 10th to dispute the accusation of copying their most famous song, Stairway to Heaven. The accusers are members of the band “Spirit”, who claim Led Zeppelin copied the intro of the song Taurus.


Led Zeppelin will argue that the music came from a common musical ground that is centuries old, therefore falling outside of copyright protection. Spirit on the other hand, is looking to prove that Zeppelin deliberately copied their song.


Recently, US District Judge Gary Klausner ruled that the plaintiffs cannot use anything outside of the 2 songs, including the drug abuse or personalities of the defendants.


Spirit has recently offered Led Zeppelin a deal that would include 1 US dollar, and credit on the song. This would give the descendants of Spirit guitarist Randy Wolfe, who died in 1997, royalty money, adding up to a small fortune.


This is a huge development in the world of classic rock, putting arguably the most influential band of all time in a spot of embarrassment and humility.
As the trial develops, it will be interesting to see the evidence on both sides, and who will come out on top.


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