The National League Preview: Written By Travis Hutson and Tyler Stovie

After the first couple weeks of the baseball season, the sports writers here at Hawk Talk have decided to come together and make our predictions on every team in the MLB. This story will be on the National League Teams.


Arizona Diamondbacks-

The Arizona Diamondbacks look to bounce back from a sub par season last year with a highly talented and young roster. With the additions of Zack Greinke and Jean Segura they hope to make the playoffs in the highly contested NL West.

Atlanta Braves-

The Braves were one of the last teams to get their first win, and are dead last in the NL east at 3-9. This is likely more than just a slow start, despite sweeping the Marlins for their first 3 wins.

Cincinnati Reds-

The Reds are currently 6-7 who started off on fire winning 5 of their first 6 games but have cooled down after a series with the Cubs. The Reds are trying to rebuild their roster in attempt to make the playoffs in the years to come.

Colorado Rockies-

The Rockies are 8-7 to start the year, but the biggest “story” for the Rockies is their rookie, Trevor Story, who already has 8 home runs in 15 games. They are on the verge of being a very good team, but are going to have to beat out both the Diamondbacks and Dodgers to win the division.

Los Angeles Dodgers-  

The Dodgers are likely to make it to the playoffs in the NL West at 9-6 and with a loaded roster and the ability to get key names with their vast amounts of money. This year the Dodgers are hoping to make a deep run into the playoffs and make it to the world series.

Miami Marlins-

The Marlins are 4 and 9, and only ahead of the Braves in the NL east by a half game. They only have 1 win at home, probably because they have to look at that eye sore in the outfield.

Milwaukee Brewers-

In the highly contested NL Central the Milwaukee Brewers are currently 4th and are 7-8. The Brewers are trying to rebuild their team after losing important parts of their roster such as Carlos Gomez. With the upcoming trade deadline the Brewers will be active to try and get new talent.

New York Mets-

After making it to the world series last year, the Mets hope to build on their success with their talented pitching staff. Currently, they are 7-7, and 2nd in the NL east behind the Nationals.

Philadelphia Phillies-

The Phillies were the worst team in baseball last year and will be in the bottom of the league again this year. The Phillies are currently 7-9 but with not a lot of talent and a sub par rotation the season is looking bleak for the Phillies.

Pittsburgh Pirates-

The Pirates are 8-8, but currently come in 4th in the NL central, behind the league leading Chicago Cubs, and the dominant offense of the St. Louis Cardinals. The Pirates are going to have to step up their game if they even want a chance to make the playoffs in a division that dominated last season, and will likely do the same this season.

San Diego Padres-

The Padres are going to be a key team in this year’s trade deadline as they will look to acquire young talent and ship away good players with big contracts. At 6-10 the Padres are looking at a long losing season. The best bet for the Padres is to take the L this season and prepare for the years to come.

San Francisco Giants-

Despite the Giants trend of winning the world series every other year, they are only 7-10, and come in 4th in the NL West. They might be able to count on a falling out of the Nationals, which always seems to happen, but they would still have to beat the talented Dodgers. All trends have to come to an end eventually.

St. Louis Cardinals-

The St. Louis are currently are currently 8-7 and are in second place in the NL Central behind the Cubs. The Cardinals are looking at a second place finish in the Central as no team looks to top the Cubs this year. The Cardinals have a very talented roster with a strong pitching staff and plan to make a run into the postseason.

Washington Nationals-

The Nationals are off to a hot start, at 11-4 and are atop the NL east. People have been expecting this talented team, lead by Bryce Harper, to do big things for a while now, but they have always come up short. This year, they hope to build off their streak, and make an October run.

Chicago Cubs-

The Chicago Cubs have started the season at 12-4 making it the second best start in team history. With an incredibly young and talented roster the Chicago Cubs are on track to make a huge run and break their over 100 year World Series drought.


With many talented teams this season will be a good one. A handful of teams are all competing to win the World Series and with no clear favorite the road to the World Series will be an interesting one.


What do you think?

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