Who’s all excited for graduation? We get to be finally done with the teachers, the unnecessary drama that these kids like to walk around and diss each other on Twitter and then don’t even meet face to face.

We finally get to be done with those dang drug dogs that come out 3 times a freaking week to try and bust kids. Anyways, graduation is coming around the corner on May 22nd when we don’t have to go to school until May 28th when we walk across the stage and receive our diplomas. At least the one’s that are graduating which should be everyone hopefully.

I understand that there is no purpose to be working on our senior presentation but it’s still a graduation requirement that is posted at this school. Also, anyone that received parking violations from our protecting “resource officers” understand that you have to pay your hardworking money because you parked wrong or in a place that was open in the sub spot because Sophomores parked in your parking spot but don’t get in trouble for that and maybe it was below zero and you didn’t want to freeze your butt off parking in Africa.

Anyways, just understand that if you don’t pay that off you wont graduate. Another thing that I recommend doing is that if you’re going to do a senior prank which is a tradition as a senior generally, that you make sure you trust who you tell and don’t trust anyone because at this school we have loud mouths that will tell on you. I suggest not doing one because according to admin you won’t walk.

We have one-month people let’s finish off strong and remember to meet all graduation requirements.


Written by doubledfoster

I'm White Trash!

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