Good day P-Hawks. The weather this week will be phenomenal and I know how everyone loves reading about weather so this is a new concept for me. The weather is something that is just a beautiful creation  and I believe that the weather is an important thing that is something that us people takes advantage of. This week in Cedar Rapids will be an amazing week and you all should be so excited to go outside.

This up-coming week starting Monday is going to be a high of 77 and a low of 50, on Tuesday the high is going to be 66 with a low of 45, and on Wednesday the high is 73 with a chance of rain and a low of 50. Thursday, the high will be 73 with another chance of rain and the low of 50, and on Friday the high will be 77 and the low will be 54, on Saturday the high will be 81, oh boy! With the low of 57 and on Sunday ,the high will be 79 with a chance of thunderstorms with a low of 55.

Get outside, enjoy yourself. Maybe go to the beach on Saturday because the high will be 81 degrees, I would love to see all of you be a up and happy person like myself.



Written by doubledfoster

I'm White Trash!

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