Closing out the end of the regular season, the Golden State Warriors have officially surpassed the 95’-96’ Chicago Bulls’ record for regular season wins with 73 in total and Kobe Bryant plays his last game ever with outstanding numbers to go with it. What had people more in awe? Kobe Bryant.

Kobe Bryant finished his 20 year career last night by dropping 60 points on the Utah Jazz after taking a whopping 50 shots. Only the sixth game in the “Black Mamba’s” career for him to put 60 or more points on the scoreboard himself and was the most points put up by a single player all season and broke Michael Jordan’s single game field goal attempt record.

This closed off a career unmatched having been the youngest player in the NBA his first season to being a legend in the basketball world. After 26,200 career shots, he drained 11,719 of them for a career percentage of 44.7% and an astounding 33,643 points. Well known for being an offensively heavy ended player, he countered it with 640 blocks, 1,944 steals, and 7,047 rebounds to help put his team on the other end of the court.


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