By: Evan Hofland


A Railway dispatcher had caused a deadly collision between two trains on February 9th due to him, “playing a game.”

This had happened in Berlin, Germany where 11 people died and 80 were injured some serious. The man responsible for this collision was a 39 year old man who has been issued a warrant for his arrest.

He is expected to be charged with involuntary manslaughter as well as violating work rules, for being on his phone. The accused had admitted to playing the game but he also added he had not been diverted.

According to the latest investigation he had switched his phone on during the beginning of the work hour and he had intensely played a game up to the crash of the two trains. Both these trains had been traveling on a single track which is fitted in many places throughout Germany and both had been traveling around 60 miles per hour.

Neither of these trains were able to make visual contact before the collision due to the trees and terrain. A combination of lack of visibility and dispatcher on his phone it was inevitable that this would happen.


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