Scott Schebler made his MLB debut halfway through last season with the LA Dodgers. Although he had limited plate appearances, he put up good numbers for a team that is loaded with talent, especially in the outfield.

Although a small sample size, in 32 at bats last season he hit with an average of .281 with 3 homers.

Consequently, he was traded this offseason to the Cincinnati Reds, a team in the rebuilding phase. This, combined with a solid spring training for Schebler, led to his first opening day as a starter in the Major Leagues.

Schebler is part of a platoon left field, where he will be splitting starts with Adam Duvall. The lefty has shown great power throughout his career, even when he was here at Prairie.

Schebler graduated from Prairie in 2009, where he was a 5 sport athlete, including track, football, soccer, and basketball. Since then, he attended Des Moines Area Community College, before being drafted by the Dodgers, and working his way through the minor leagues.

So far this year, Schebler has 4 hits in 9 at bats, with an average of .444 and an OBP of .500. He also hit a walk off bases loaded double in their home opener against the Phillies, despite going 0 for 3 with 3 strikeouts before that.

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 10.43.32 AM.png

In a story by the Cincinnati branch of the USA Today network, Schebler revealed his love for his teammates, and Jay Bruce in particular, who told him all game he would hit the game winner.

“He said, ‘Hey, it’s going to come down to you in this game. I promise you, that’s just how this game works. You struggle in this game and it ends up coming down to you,’” Schebler told of Bruce’s encouragments. “And he was telling me the whole game, and it certainly did. And it came down to me.”


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