These have affected everyone and everyone hates them. I am, of course, referring to these three common nuisances seen in the hallways—slow walkers, people standing in the middle of the hallway, and people stepping on the back of your shoes.

We all have been late to at least one thing in our life, and we need to get there as quickly as possible. So you know it’s really irritating when you get stuck behind some grandma driver going under 10 mph. So people can relate that to getting stuck behind people who extremely slow in the hallways. You wouldn’t even necessarily need to be late somewhere, maybe you just have a comfortable style of walk and someone can cramp your style by walking two inches per hour.

There is this place in the building where three hallways come into each other, and everyone needs to go every which way. I am, of course, talking about, “the Bermuda triangle”. It gets really cramped in there and people get to a dead stop. It’s already annoying enough but it makes it even worse when you glance over and see a person who is standing in the middle of the hall and is just on their phone or talking to a couple other people who are also stopped in the hallway. None of them are making no effort to get out.

People definitely walk slowly in the hallway but it’s not always their fault. There is a saying, “you can only walk as fast as the person in front of you.” With that being said, you have to give the person in front of you some empathy when they too are stuck behind really slow walkers. So the worst thing you can do is get really impatient and step on the back of their shoes. Now if you do it once I’m sure the person in front won’t mind and forget about it. If you do it twice the person will start getting frustrated but still won’t turn around. Three times, though, will do usually cause the person will turn around, and you better hope they are friends with you because if you aren’t and it’s just someone random person who is being really careless, you might get a dirty look.

I’m sure most of you have had these happen to you. They are really annoying making the hallway the worst place to be in school. With that being said, please don’t be that person who does that, making people’s journeys to their next class a stressful and aggravating experience. If everyone does this it will make school way better to be in, and instead of hating other people you can focus on hating the homework.


What do you think?

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