By Caitlin Klein


January 24th 2016, tragic happens, where two cars collided from one’s mistake, leaving death and sorrow from everyone around.

Dylan Mittauer (’17) explains how his family was heading down to Coralville to go eat lunch with his brothers who were waiting there, when all of a sudden their car was hit, making them cross the center line going into the other lane, then hitting a semi.

The car was almost completely hit from the driver’s side, leaving death upon his mother, and serious injuries to his father.

Mittauer escaped with massive swelling in his shoulder and leg, while he frantically called for help, and continued to proceed helping his mother whom was gasping for breath, fortunately, his sister escaped unharmed from the accident.

I just want everyone to know not to drive distracted to avoid something like this happening to anyone else,” Mittauer explained.

This accident was caused by a poor choice of a driver who decided to text and drive, and was distracted enough to rear end the Mittauer’s family car, causing a horrific accident.

Mittauer explained that distracted driving isn’t worth it, and that these accidents can be prevented, and it shouldn’t happen to anyone else.


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