If you follow me on this whole Hawk Talk experience you would know that most to nearly all of my posts have been taken down due to what the school likes to say “bad language” but what if it’s more than that?

What if it’s that the school doesn’t want readers/an audience to hear the truth that even they can’t handle. Let’s recite back too the “Pull Your Pants Up Prairie” story, something that does need to be addressed soon.

I find it kind of sexist honestly because men don’t have restrictions on what they wear besides the obvious poor choice clothing, no gang, no swear words, no sexual innuendos, etc.. But women have all these restrictions like they can’t wear shorts that are under their fingertips, and I said in the post is that I and a lot of students that attend this school are tired of their peers violating their eyes without any repercussions.

I quoted Chris Foster and he states “I believe that children these days are ridiculous, as a child I grew up with strong dress codes”

I think its time for Prairie to wake up and change what they do around here. 73% of students get distracted in this school when they see some individual in rocks and Jordan’s that sag their pants all the way to their ankles, you might as well be wearing underwear in public.



Written by doubledfoster

I'm White Trash!

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