By: Evan Hofland


Edward Byers, a United States Navy SEAL who had been a part of the 11 man invasion of terrorist leader Osama Bin Laden.

His mission was to go into Afghanistan and get an American Doctor being held hostage by the Taliban.

The first guy to enter was shot and later died, the second Edward Byers, he then proceeded to throw himself on the doctor and with one arm he grabbed a gunman by the neck and held him down until another SEAL team member was able to shoot him.

Byers said that “Anyone who’s been in combat knows that in those moments, you either react or you get killed,”

Byers had stepped out of the shadow to accept this medal not because he considers himself a hero.

“The award was truly his,” Byers said about Checque the first person to go threw, his friend. “He was an American hero. He died a warrior and he died to bring back another American. I believe our nation owes him a debt of gratitude.”


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