This beanie is crashing the internet. This orange, plush beanie was selling at $70 million on the website ‘Ebay’.

I know what most of you are thinking, “Why on earth would anyone pay so much for a $1 beanie?”. Well, the truth is, this is one big goof and a gaffe. The youtube channel ‘h3h3productions‘ recently posted a video titled Modern Art realized that there is absolutely no effort put into Modern Art.

Deciding to cash in on the trend, the very popular youtube channel deciding to sell their beautiful, outstanding and original artwork with an opening bid of just $1.00. The thing spiraled out of control to the tune of over $90 million.

The Beanie means so much. It’s life, death, babies and caterpillars. It’s one big goob.

“Why is it so expensive?” says Alex Crispin (16′). He’s clearly an uncultured swine, who has no taste in MODERN ART.








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