When it comes to cigarettes, which cause lung and mouth diseases, a large number of people seem to live off of the government in part for their dull-witted bad decisions, which is absurd in my opinion. For example, a person who has been smoking for over fifteen years and receives money because their lungs and health are bad in part from their choice to smoke is just plain ridiculous.

A similar scenario of how many expect government support for the consequences of their bad decisions, would be if I were to jump off of a bridge, hit a rock and get severely injured because of that fall. Then, I would want to receive government support for the consequences of that choice even though it was my own stupid decision to do that.

I believe that the government should be giving our taxpayers’ money towards something else that betters society, rather than to people who believe its alright to receive government money for poor decisions that they made regardless of the evidence that is publicized showing how bad the consequences for those decisions are. According to the CDC an estimated 440,000 people a year receive aid from the government because of smoking-related diseases. I believe that if you would like to receive any type of government support, you have to go to a quit smoking support group, sort of like a rehab, to help you quit smoking in order receive the aid from the government.

So to all of the chain smokers out there who use cigs to take your stress off your daily life, I challenge you to accept your decisions and don’t expect others for help for your decisions.  There are many other healthier, more productive ways to manage stress than to turn to a cigarette.


Written by doubledfoster

I'm White Trash!

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