By Evan Hofland


Is your password really that secure? Is biometric tracking a thing of the future or another phoney idea?

70% of people forget a password once a month along unsecure passwords being pet names or duplicates of previous passwords.

Google’s plot is to get rid of the password completely and have your own cell phone know you. You are the password.

How could a cell phone know you? Biometric readings; a collection of locations, patterns, voice and speech patterns, how you walk and type, and your face.This is Project Abacus.

As with any great idea it still has it’s flaws to iron out as Cisco Engineer Shawn Cooly commented, “Very cool until I break my leg or hand and can’t authenticate to any services to get healthcare info since my behavior is different.”

Abacus would be available with just a simple software update on Android devices.


What do you think?

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