We have reached the peak in technology to combat loneliness as robot cats for old people….are finally here. Why get a REAL cat when synthetic cats are finally here? While unfortunately there isn’t much customization for your synthetic cat; it does do its job of accurately portraying a cat. Now the best part about Joy For All’s new product is that it’s cheap and it’ll never die on you (unless it’s put in water of course). Your aging loved ones will have this cat for their rest of their lives, and they won’t have to clean up its litter box or feed it!
CatComing straight from the company, “JOY FOR ALL Companion Pet cats look, feel and sound like real cats. But they’re so much more than soft fur, soothing purrs and pleasant meows. Companion Pets respond to petting, hugging and motion much like the cats you know and love. This two-way give-and-take helps create a personally rich experience that can bring fun, joy and friendship to you and your loved ones ages 5 to 105.”  However the worst part is that the this marvelous product does not move. This cat needs to be picked up and the only movement it does is rolling on its back. This product is advanced for today’s age and deserves the rating out of 5/7.


What do you think?

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