The body of 17 year old Tanner Wymer was pulled from the icy waters of the Coralville Lake late Monday morning, nearly 24 hours after the canoe he was in capsized.

Michael Felton, the man he was canoeing with had washed up on shore and he was then taken to Iowa City Hospital.

Tanner Wymer, 17, and Michael Felton, 51, were out canoeing when their canoe’s capsized. According to authorities, neither of the men were wearing a floatation device, and there was none to be found in either canoe.

On January 4th, there was a vigil held for Tanner, where loved ones, friends and peers gathered to remember him.

Solon activities director Keith McSweeney spoke to the Gazette about Tanner and is quoted saying, ” “He had a way to make people laugh,” McSweeney said. “I don’t think he took that side of himself too seriously. He enjoyed keeping things light.” ”

Our thoughts and hearts go out to the people of Solon who are dealing with this tragedy.

vigil service

(*pictures by* Andy Abeyta/The Gazette)


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