Yea, the Iowa Hawkeyes football team was smashed. It sucks. The Hawkeyes were beaten in special teams, on offense and on defense. Despite being 2nd half winners, they couldn’t overcome the 35 point Stanford 1st half (or Christian McCaffery) losing 45-16. 

The 1st half was an absolute disappointment. Stanford scored on the 1st play and never looked back. Another touchdown put Iowa down 14-0 before an uncharacteristic CJ Beathard threw an uncharacteristic pick six and the Hearts of all Hawkeye faithful. The Renaissance of Hawkeye football, and the dreams of rose glory, seemed to die.

But Hope is not lost. The future Iowa seeks is not behind, but ahead. Forget the past, Hawkeye fans. Sure, it may still hurt now, but CJ will be back, the King will be (Update: He’s officially returning!) back and the youth of Iowa football will grow and gain experience. These Hawks are tough, strong and on the prowl.

Watching the game with my dad was tough. “This sucks,” he grumbles.”They all looked gassed, unable to muster any momentum.”

It hurts my dad and I. Maybe it’ll sting for all fans from now till August, but it sure hurts for the Hawkeyes too. They know they lost two of the biggest games in Hawkeye history too. And it’s just gotta be irking them. They don’t wanna go down like that . For the Hawks, all year it’s been about finishing. That’s all Kirk and Co. talks about. Finishing what they started. And that’s what they’re gonna do next year. Iowa is gonna finish.

The Rose Bowl was sad, yea. But hope is not lost today. It remains with the Hawkeyes. So Iowa faithful, remain calm and stay faithful. Go Hawks, and stay awesome.


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