Well, that was, interesting.

Star Wars The Force Awakens is finally here, and it was certainly the Star Wars film i’ve waited for all my life. It was fun, action packed and full of drama.

First, the good. The practical effects were gorgeous. I’ve never seen a film that blends CGI and practical effects so seamlessly, and do it so well. A great job by JJ Abrams on keeping true to the Original Trilogy feel and not over using computers (ahem Star Wars Episodes 1-3). The action was great. Flying in an out of the Star Destroyer, lightsaber battles galore and intense dog fighting we some of the highlights of the movie.

The Bad was minimal. There were some scenes that I felt were too CGI heavy, and the story was a reskin of A New Hope. But I thin that the movie lacked a relationship between Leia and Han. These two were very much in love before (redacted because SPOILERS). They haven’t seen each other in years, so the emotional output of the scene should be greater, but I believe they rushed this part to focus on the story. I have a few other problems but those are full of spoilers so I will not be posting that for your sake.

Nothing really Ugly.  It was all great. I just wish some certain characters were in it more, but understand why they were left in limited roles.

Star Wars the Force Awakens is a great film, a solid 9.2/10 on the Merchan-o-meter. I recommend seeing this movie in theaters as many times as you can to capture the magic that is Star Wars.


What do you think?

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