By: Caitlin Klein


While back in our elementary days, we stood up every Monday with our hands on our hearts, giving our attention the the flag.

As we enter our sophomore, junior, and senior year, not one of us has recited the Pledge of Allegiance in the high school, but why?

People say that the use of “God” in the pledge is not for everyone, and yes, nobody is entitled to one religion, but as an anonymous source said, “I think we should all say it, no matter your race, where you come from, or your belief in God; The Pledge of Allegiance doesn’t specify what god they’re talking about anyways. We used to say it every Monday at point and when we were younger, why not now? Nothing has changed!” Thinking deeper about this, yes our country was based on Christianity, but again, time has gone by and there is many different religions, so speaking if we can’t say the Pledge of Allegiance, why are we still using the money that says “in God we trust?”

Living in America is not only a freedom, but also a choice; America is full of different ethnicity, religions, sexual orientations, etc, because we as Americans, have that right, and we fully have that right because we are protected by our country.

As people come to America for a better life, Its pondering about that a pledge to honor our country, and a pledge that lets us know how good we have it, shouldn’t be considered “offensive?”

“The Pledge of Allegiance has been a part of my life for over 40 years as a student growing up in my hometown school and it’s been a part of every school I have taught in during my teaching and coaching career. We need patriotism now more than ever with the way our world is structured today. Sometimes we forget where we started and came from and throughout our country’s history we have always proven the strength of our country when needed and doing the pledge I hope would remind us on a weekly basis and especially our youth just how blessed they are to be in the United States of America,” said from an anonymous source.

Out of 232 people, 183 students and or teachers have said that yes we should be doing the Pledge of Allegiance, and explained why, and which days and or period that they have wanted, while 50 students and or teachers have said no and also gave evidence as to why.

As another comment said, “We used to do it back in Elementary school. We were really never told as to why we stopped doing it. This is America,” states that one day, we just stopped, no questions were really asked, nothing was done, and it was just sorta gone but why?

We don’t want to offend others, but this is America, freedom within everyone, we believe our own things, the flag has been here, the people have been fighting and letting their lives at risk for this country, the flag isn’t a fad; wake up America, its time to regain ourselves now, not never. 


What do you think?

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