As you’re collecting your food in the lunch line and gathering your condiments to have with your main course, you stumble upon the ranch, at this point in time your thinking well I always get this good ranch that Prairie has in store for me to enjoy this meal better than what it is; because lets all be honest here, students only look forward to Wednesday lunches because of the Pizza Hut. Other than that school lunch can be disappointing at times. I investigated deeper and questioned Prairie student Nicholas Mohling “16” on how he feels about the ranch and he states “The new ranch is disgusting, where is the old ranch Prairie?”

Now, back to the main point, ranch has been disgusting ever since two weeks ago when they put in this new ranch that tastes really sweet and buttery; not saying that’s a bad thing but that’s not what ranch should taste like. Who would do this? Michelle Obama.

Now, I understand that Obama sitting in her white house thinks that certain food at schools should be healthy as oppose to what used to be served before her husband, President Obama, entered office. She named it the Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act and she states that healthy foods need to be enforced in schools in order to become and maintain a healthy nation.

This fine and all but I believe that fat free ranch is just going to lead kids not to eat vegetables. Because what do kids like? They like good condiments with their vegetables and the leader of condiments is ranch when it comes to vegetables according to the FDA.

I feel as though that there should be a choice at lunchtime, the kids that prefer the “good” ranch are able to have that at their disposal, and the kids looking to better themselves in weight wise can still pick the ranch they have now.




Written by doubledfoster

I'm White Trash!

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