Good day Prairie Hawks. I have such an exciting post for you today about record-breaking temperatures that are outside this week and winter. I know all of you friendly people love reading about weather so lets get into it.

All stats recorded brought to you by the On Wednesday, which is today, the high will be 41 with a low of 27, Thursday the high of 32 with a low of 21, Friday the high will be 30 with a low of 16. Collect your hats and mittens, its getting colder, on Saturday the high will be 36 with the low of 28, and on Sunday the high of 46 with a low of 34. Where is that snow Iowa?

This year is also the El Nino year which is pretty much the definition of no snow here for a while but in a couple of weeks maybe months its going to be a total ice cap with snow and snow and snow making it almost impossible to even travel let alone do everything that you do on a daily basis.


Written by doubledfoster

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