Donald Trump took a slump on an American photographer this past week making fun of a physically disabled person who interviewed Trump on how his presidential race was so far. Trump is then presenting in front of a big audience contemplating is next plot on how to look like the biggest creep in American presidential history. Waving his arms around while making “physically and mentally disabled remarks”.


Trump then goes on to state that he did not even know that the person was physically handicapped? Wow, Donald Trump’s hair is really starting to make sense now. The photographer also states that “they were so close that they knew each other from first name basis” Trump then goes on stating that what the photographer stated was false.


Also, Trump claimed that he witnessed a large quantity of people cheering on 9/11. At first he claimed he saw a large number of people cheering, but then changed his story to call out the Muslim religion. Trump stated that Muslims were the ones cheering on 9/11 in the state of New Jersey.


Written by doubledfoster

I'm White Trash!

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